Some Diwali Creativity…

For Diwali preps and taking the #TheMindfulBreak I did some painting. I painted some diyas and thought to share a photo blog of the stuff. The first set: Wanted to make it feel like real flowers so tried this The second set: Just used my imagination, nothing in mind. The final product appreared to me … Continue reading Some Diwali Creativity…

Pretr – The Shopping App

Festive and Wedding Season is on and no time to shop? Don't worry I am here to help you with a convenient new app which has options suited as per your need. I came across this mobile app called as Pretr. I was busy with work at home and needed some clothes  for a function. … Continue reading Pretr – The Shopping App


तेरे इंतेज़ार में यूँ लम्हे बीते है जैसे सादिया सिमट गये कुछ पलों में दिल की धड़खाने बँध पढ़ गयी उदार की साँसों ख़तम होने पे है खामोश मंज़र के बीच में मैं घूम्शुदा अकेले खो गये हूँ जैसे गहरे सॅनाटॉ में आसूओ की चीखें ऐसे दीवानगी चरम सीमा पे है मौत तो एक बार … Continue reading Intezaar…

Dosti mujhe kaanta bankar chubti hai…


Dil par haath rako toh yaara, dil se aah nikalte hai Mere yeh dosti mujhe kaanta bankar chubti hai   Khulti nahi baatein joh bandh darwaze mein hote hai Par ruswa karte hai diljaan keh kar yeh vaada faroshi hai Dil par haath rako toh yaara, dil se aah nikalte hai Mere yeh dosti mujhe … Continue reading Dosti mujhe kaanta bankar chubti hai…

Something to learn from – The Romeo Wrestler

I am talking about the movie - Sultan, a romantic sports drama as they call it. You must be wondering, its time that the movie came so what’s up now, why this post. I had liked the movie for certain reasons and over the last weekend while, watching it again on TV thought why not … Continue reading Something to learn from – The Romeo Wrestler


Technology has brought lot of advantages to us in many fields. In the medical field we have seen a lot of progress too right from  laser surgeries to robotic surgeries in the last few years. Our eyes have borne the brunt of modern technologies – being on laptop for work and personal work. Television was … Continue reading LASIK


Small steps lead to beautiful destinations. You cant anticipate whats going to happen. Accepting what comes your way and moving ahead is the right decision. If you have a dream, live it. Small steps can make your dreams comes alive. If you start walking, you can reach the Everest. Its possible with hardwork, determination and … Continue reading Steps


Kuch log aate hai jane ke liyeh, aage badna he samajdari hai... Itefaq haseen ho toh khushi milte hai, Kuch jaan jalake chale jate hain Some people are meant to walk along and some to go away. You walk towards the path of your destination   Pic Credits:  


Run away to the far lands Where there is no noise Where peace has his home There the lovely morning smiles With rising of the sun Birds sing and cry Plants dance away Wind gives a message and goes away Then the night falls Sky wears its twinkling gown Moon shines and smiles This is … Continue reading Paradise

Sab Filmy Hai

A husband comes home and the wife shared that some people teased her during her shopping. Mihir (Hubby): Kitne Aadmi the Kalia?? I mean Priyanka?? Priyanka (Wife): Dekhiye Mihir, main aur Mummyji market gaye the apka manpasand besan ka halwa banana lekin waha 4 logon ne hume pareshan kiya. Thank God Vishal Devarji aa gaye … Continue reading Sab Filmy Hai