#Review: Fuschia Verve Face Mask – Kiwi & Asparagus

One more awesome product on my list today. I was a bit apprehensive before buying, would it suit my skin but my concerns were falsified. So presenting – Fuschia Verve Face Mask – Kiwi & Asparagus.


Rose Water, Kaolin Light, China Clay, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Powder, Asparagus Powder, Kiwi Fruit dried Powder, Vitamin E
@zarahatkeblog – Fuschia Verve Face Mask – Kiwi & Asparagus


The fragrance is fruity and sweet. I kind off like it, its not overpowering.

Experience: Like 😊😊 β¬…or➑ πŸ™πŸ™ Β Dislike

πŸ”΄ Its a very creamy mask. Feels very soothing on skin on application. I kept it for good 20m. It did not have any drying effect. In case of any tingling sensation don’t worry.
πŸ”΄ Because of the creamy texture I would suggest to remove the mask with help of skin wipes like Kara or sponge and then wash off.
πŸ”΄ Post usage the skin felt moisturized. Due to winters, I had got dry skin patches. All smooth post usage.


@zarahatkeblog – Fuschia Verve Face Mask – Kiwi & Asparagus


Some Tips:

πŸ”° Its a boon for winters. Perfect moisture for the perfect glow.

πŸ”° Just don’t apply anything on the skin post mask usage for a day. Don’t use face wash or any moisturizer. Actually you will see for yourself you won’t need it.

πŸ”° In case you had any tingling sensation just apply rose water on the face.

πŸ”° In case you feel that due to winters your skin is dry then apply moisturizer. I felt a little dry then after sometime it becomes fine. At night need be you go ahead with your night cream.


Rs 450/-. At some websites there is a discount so its available at Rs. 400/-

Where to Buy from:Β 

You can pick the product from “Fuschia” Skin Care, Amazon, Limeroad & Craftsvilla.


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Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.

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