#Review: Maggi – Masalas of India – Limited Edition

When I heard about the new Limited Edition Maggi - Masalas of India it became a must try for me. I am sure there are a lot of Maggi fans like me so I thought I would share a review of all the newly launched 4 flavours - Amritsari Achari, Mumbaiya Chatak, Super Chennai and … Continue reading #Review: Maggi – Masalas of India – Limited Edition

#Review: Snackible – Healthy Snacking Options

The love of snacks never die in me and in search of healthy snacking options, I came to know about Snackible. I had tried few of their products earlier so it tempted me to re-order on a larger scale. They have two options - subscription box and secondly, you can directly buy the snacks. I … Continue reading #Review: Snackible – Healthy Snacking Options

#Review: Maggi Hot Heads

I love spicy stuff and have been waiting to try the new Maggi Hot Heads 🌢🌢. I was not finding it for quite long then Kajal (Miss Bhukkad) helped me with it. Do check her complete review - https://missbhukkad.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/maggi-new/ I picked up the Peri Peri and Barbeque Pepper ones to try. Maggi 🍝 is a … Continue reading #Review: Maggi Hot Heads

#Review: Terra Chips

Chips and me are best friends forever.. Pattu: Yeh awaaz kaise aa rahe hai.. TTD: Maanu ke desk se aa rahe hai. Zarur wafers kha rahe hoge.. They come to my desk and pick up their share.. We are giggling and I show them my drawer full of wafers. We are talking and our boss … Continue reading #Review: Terra Chips

Sustenance – Artisan Food

Being a foodie I love to experiment. I do have my limits being a pure vegetarian though. Through a Instagram page I came to know about Sustenance They believe in creative handmade Gourmet Gifts. They prepare a range of handcrafted delicious food in small batchesΒ using the highest quality ingredients either locally or sourced directly from … Continue reading Sustenance – Artisan Food