#Book Review: If You Never Try, You Will Never Know

We were always been taught to keep trying till we succeed! In our lives there would be people who support us and people who discourage us. There would be circumstances which may influence our decisions and choices, however living our inner dreams can give us true happiness. So here is a story of Robin who … Continue reading #Book Review: If You Never Try, You Will Never Know

#Book Review: UNNS – The Captivation

Love - a four letter word, however, you can spend a lifetime in understanding the meaning of this word. It's an world in itself. I am not a guru giving you some gyaan on love, honestly, I am no one to do that. Love is not bound by your lover only but it's a feeling … Continue reading #Book Review: UNNS – The Captivation

Never say NO #Book Review: SHE – Ekla Cholo re

We identify people by their names. Only names? Not exactly we categorise them further on the basis of gender, age, caste, religion as well. Yes whether we accept or not, consciously or subconsciously we do this. On the basis of the judgements passed by others somewhere, we question our IDENTITY or develop notions about oneself. … Continue reading Never say NO #Book Review: SHE – Ekla Cholo re

#Book Review: Finding Juliet

Life runs on two legs but supported by many hands. Agree? We are living not just for ourselves but for people we love. We all have our reasons to live. We all desire for love. We all look for one person who would stand for us no matter what, where, how and why. Surpassing all … Continue reading #Book Review: Finding Juliet

Oh! My Name

What is in a name? "Name" gives you an identity. If I have to think deep we run throughout our life to create a name for ourselves. There may be thousands of people with the same name but we all want to stand out for something. We wish to be identified with something special. As … Continue reading Oh! My Name

#Book Review: Colorful Notions – The Roadtrippers 1.0

Your dreams define your aspirations, your goals and the direction of your life. You evolve and so your dreams and they lead to a new path. I dream of owning a restaurant someday, or maybe a flourishing business. Not everything gets fulfilled or goes as per your plan but, it leads to newer roads that … Continue reading #Book Review: Colorful Notions – The Roadtrippers 1.0

#Book Review: The Peshwa – The Lion and the Stallion

The smell of a book is magic... The year started with one of the biggest magnum opus about Bajirao Peshwa and his love interest Mastani. Bajirao has been a great warrior so loved the film. History has always intrigued me. So I have this wish to find out all the history what has happened in … Continue reading #Book Review: The Peshwa – The Lion and the Stallion

#BookReview: The Calling – By Priya Kumar

I have read many books but never written a review, so one of the many firsts. A day comprises for 24 hours, each hour of 60 mins, each min of 60 secs. Am I Right? You may be wondering this girl is crazy, this is basic knowledge a school going kid knows. What’s the need … Continue reading #BookReview: The Calling – By Priya Kumar