#Travel Diaries – Sindhudurg Fort

When you plan an impromptu trip, it can be fun as you don’t have grand expectations from it and you look forward to what’s in-store for you. We planned one such to Sindhudurg Fort. Sindhudurg Fort has historical importance, we had read in school but going there felt more real. We were staying at out … Continue reading #Travel Diaries – Sindhudurg Fort

An Accident..to remember (II)

With all the things getting into place and beginning of the journey, me and all in the car were gleaming with joy. The approaching one week was the time where we all wanted a break from our mundane lives, bond with each other and make some great memories. The first halt was about 2 hrs … Continue reading An Accident..to remember (II)

An Accident..to remember (I)

Some journeys make lifetime memories. We all look for good ones, however, life is mix fruit basket filled with sweet, sour, tangy, bitter experiences. People crave for adventures while some met one. Looking forward to the summer family trip I had done my bit of preparation. It’s not possible to be 100% ready still you … Continue reading An Accident..to remember (I)

Break from Routine…

When you don’t have time for yourself… When you are bound in limitations… Break away!   What does a break mean for anyone? A small getaway on the weekend or a week-long holiday to a dream destination. Generally, that's how we define break. That's how much leave we get generally. Has anyone lodged themselves in … Continue reading Break from Routine…

#Travel Diaries – Expressway… driving down the memory lane

Expressway, one of the fastest and most convenient way to travel to Pune. When it started it changed the way people travelled and today it’s become part and parcel of our lives. It’s given! So many memories associated with it and today travelling on the way after good 3.5 years brings backs those memories, some … Continue reading #Travel Diaries – Expressway… driving down the memory lane

#TravelDiaries – The Crown of India – Kashmir

Closing my eyes I can imagine the beauty we have in our country. So many unique things which are so fascinating, makes me feel one lifetime will also be less to explore everything. Let me get hold of few words to describe the beautiful crown of our country - Kashmir. Its calm, serene, heavenly, mesmerizing … Continue reading #TravelDiaries – The Crown of India – Kashmir

The Long Lanes

“So, how far is your office from home?” asked my cousin from Gurgaon. I said “it takes me 1.5hr to 2hrs to reach my office”. He smiled back at me and quietly said, “Why do you’ll speak of travel in time and not in distance. I have never heard a Mumbaikar saying, my office is … Continue reading The Long Lanes