An remember (I)

Some journeys make lifetime memories. We all look for good ones, however, life is mix fruit basket filled with sweet, sour, tangy, bitter experiences. People crave for adventures while some met one. Looking forward to the summer family trip I had done my bit of preparation. It’s not possible to be 100% ready still you … Continue reading An remember (I)

#EOSS – Yay or Nay ❗❗

Shopping is the love of many. Sale is something that shopping enthusiasts wish to hear. With the increase in disposable income, the advent of so many foreign brands to India, and the eruption of malls in big and small cities over the past few years. The temptation to buy would surely be there. Although the … Continue reading #EOSS – Yay or Nay ❗❗

The Call of the Wind

  Whenever you think of a journey, you think of travel mostly, am I right?? Hmm, not necessary. We all say life is a journey so every part of life becomes one exciting journey whether it’s for good, bad or ugly. Circumstance another big word which is part of life giving it the twists and … Continue reading The Call of the Wind

Suns and Lovers

When you woke up, he was always the first priority When you ate, your first thought was him When you travelled, how will he manage was your question When you went shopping, what he needs ran through your mind When he fought with you, your days were gloomy When he got married, it mattered to … Continue reading Suns and Lovers

Lord of the files..📒📑

It was a pouring left, right and centre. The dark clouds added to the gloom. The feeling of emptiness not only surrounded the house but also within his heart. Anil was leaving his rented house which he shared for the last four years with his engineering classmates. They were the 3 musketeers or 3 idiots … Continue reading Lord of the files..📒📑

The importance of Seven …

The overall theme for Blog-A-Rhythm is Seven. Have so much to write about it that it became difficult for me to pen my thoughts down. It made me introspect why is 7 so much important in my life? I found out few answers, some which may apply to all and some only to me. We have … Continue reading The importance of Seven …

Me & Mom – 7 things we love to do…

A mother-child is the first bond developed even before the birth of a child. She is your trouble shooter, your guide, your first teacher, the task master everything. She has multiple roles to play in a child's life. You learn a lot from her. No one can understand a child like his/her mother. She is … Continue reading Me & Mom – 7 things we love to do…

Sibling Love: 7 memories

The first friend and enemy is always our sibling. We all share a love- hate relationship with them where love obviously supersedes the hate. I have a younger brother, sometimes I really wonder if he is the elder one. I don't remember much of our childhood but still have some good memories, some memories which … Continue reading Sibling Love: 7 memories

#My Envy Box – June 2017 | Unboxing & Review

Lost in Deep Sea - thats the first thought that comes to my mind when I see this box. The theme is always innovative for My Envy Box and I cant stopping loving it always.     ▶ Vetro Power - Footwear Protection - ⚜ Deluxe Sample Size (25 ml) - 💲 Rs 600/- Our … Continue reading #My Envy Box – June 2017 | Unboxing & Review

Dad & Me… – 7 common habits

We learn from our parents through our growing years. Some habits come naturally and some we imbibe knowingly or unknowingly and it becomes part of our system. It is obvious that I have some common qualities from my parents. On this fathers day would like to share few qualities that I share with my Dad … Continue reading Dad & Me… – 7 common habits