Me & Mom – 7 things we love to do…

A mother-child is the first bond developed even before the birth of a child. She is your trouble shooter, your guide, your first teacher, the task master everything. She has multiple roles to play in a child's life. You learn a lot from her. No one can understand a child like his/her mother. She is … Continue reading Me & Mom – 7 things we love to do…

Sibling Love: 7 memories

The first friend and enemy is always our sibling. We all share a love- hate relationship with them where love obviously supersedes the hate. I have a younger brother, sometimes I really wonder if he is the elder one. I don't remember much of our childhood but still have some good memories, some memories which … Continue reading Sibling Love: 7 memories

#My Envy Box – June 2017 | Unboxing & Review

Lost in Deep Sea - thats the first thought that comes to my mind when I see this box. The theme is always innovative for My Envy Box and I cant stopping loving it always.     β–Ά Vetro Power - Footwear Protection - ⚜ Deluxe Sample Size (25 ml) - πŸ’² Rs 600/- Our … Continue reading #My Envy Box – June 2017 | Unboxing & Review

Dad & Me… – 7 common habits

We learn from our parents through our growing years. Some habits come naturally and some we imbibe knowingly or unknowingly and it becomes part of our system. It is obvious that I have some common qualities from my parents. On this fathers day would like to share few qualities that I share with my Dad … Continue reading Dad & Me… – 7 common habits

Drink Pure and Be Safe!

Today I would like to don my Microbiologist hat. I may have done multiple things during my working tenure and blogging, however, the knowledge which I have gained through my graduation plays an important part always. In our country, hygiene is not a priority and so we face health issues which some countries may not … Continue reading Drink Pure and Be Safe!

#Product Review: Natural Body Wash

I always keep my search always on for natural and safe beauty products. I have got my hands on my good products, however, the thirst for more continues. I came across Natural Body Wash from The Moms Co. - Love.Without Compromise. The tagline goes well with my thoughts, however, I wasn't a mother yet so … Continue reading #Product Review: Natural Body Wash

We all need one! #BhasadKaTheEnd

β€œI am just exhausted, ” she said after placing the final dish in the cupboard. That’s how the day-after goes when there has been a family get-together over the weekend. Weeks of planning was visible in how happy the fun-filled weekend went. Finally, we sat down and as we started sipping our coffee I could … Continue reading We all need one! #BhasadKaTheEnd

TATA Tigor – Contest Alert

In our daily lives, we face so many travel woes that I am sure it gets on our nerves sometimes. Standing and waiting for an autorickshaw they just pass by without stopping and my wait continues. Going to the mall for my shopping which I love the first hitch is with the metro work will … Continue reading TATA Tigor – Contest Alert

#Review: Maggi – Masalas of India – Limited Edition

When I heard about the new Limited Edition Maggi - Masalas of India it became a must try for me. I am sure there are a lot of Maggi fans like me so I thought I would share a review of all the newly launched 4 flavours - Amritsari Achari, Mumbaiya Chatak, Super Chennai and … Continue reading #Review: Maggi – Masalas of India – Limited Edition